Bookkeeping and accountanting

At present, Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR), City Hall and such other related local agencies, has been strict and firm on businesses that have not been remitting their taxes ( Monthly, quarterly, and annual ) this involves RENEWAL OF BUSINESS PERMITS, payment of penalties, surcharges and even criminal charges, closure of business establishment for erring companies which do not pay their taxes regularly.

At our behalf we wish to propose;


Installation of Accounting System and procedures to ensure good internal control. This involves preparation of systems and procedures that would enhance business operations. Examples of the systems and procedures are.

  1. Business Consultation

2. Investment Management, Estate Planning


3. Business Risk Consulting

4. Tax preparation, planning and Consulting

5. Payroll


6. Auditing


7. Internal or External Bookkeeping

8. Preparations of check vouchers every time there is payment of expenses. The vouchers should be remembered.


9. Preparation of standard chart, account with code, numbers for accounting system. siness Risk Consulting

10. Preparation of monthly book and reconciliation.

11. Establishment of petty cash fund and revolving fund.

12. Preparation of Income statement.

External and Internal Bookkeeping, This involves posting of official receipts to cash receipts in your books of account, vouchers to cash disbursement books and non-cash transaction to general journal books. The books are screened are screened up monthly and posted to the general ledger which is the basis for preparation of trial balance and eventually the financial statement as required by the BIR these includes;

a. Statement of Financial Condition or Balance Sheet.

b. Statement of Financial Operation or Income Statement.

c. Statement of Cash flows.










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