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history & background

Neg. Or. Allied Services Co. started in the year 2004. It is composed group of friends who are professionals, lawyers, certified public accountants, marketing experts, business consultants, psychologists, researchers and businessmen. They are experts and well trained in their own fields like: Accounting, Bookkeeping, processing of legal documents, monitoring & assisting Labor/manpower problems and collecting account receivables.
A business oriented person that have been employed quite a longtime made a research to put-up his own business in order to serve some companies/offices to supply manpower and Allied Services in order to save time and effort.
Consultations, Assessments, and evaluations, research and hard work were done. As a result it came up with Three(3) Major Aspects in order to put-up this kind of SERVICE BUSINESS.

Business bookkeeping and Accounting Services

Labor Problems that affect business

Credit solutions and managing account receivables through a viability of forming a credit recovery firm.

In the year 2006, Neg. Or. Allied Services Co. was formally organized.  It has a dynamic, caring and self-driven professionals.  It has come a long way in dedication to serve.

Neg. Or. Allied Services Co., is able to build-up a quality services to its clients. In order to complete the quality services and a close to perfect response to its clients, it has now linked to different local agencies-specifically to VISAYAS REGION.  And hopefully NATIONWIDE.

As of now, Neg. Or. Allied Services Co. is committed to bring more quality services to its loyal and supportive clients.

The company and employees continue to work together providing quality services to the customers guided by the mission-vision which is to provide satisfaction to clients in terms of quality services and affordability of an unprecedented degree of professionalism and initiate positive response to the needs of the company and society. “

why you need to choose us?

Neg. Or. Allied Services. Co. is we strive to anticipate the needs of our customers and continually work to improve and keep services up to date, and disseminate relevant information in a continually changing environment

Experience, Integrity and Satisfaction…
they’re not just part of our business, they are our business and what makes us different.










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